Gift Hampers

What are babies for? To make a fuss of, of course! What do babies need most? Lots of gifts and lots of fun! When you're looking for something to give for a baby, you have to see our fabulous gift hampers! Our Baby Buds range has a whole collection of gorgeous gift hampers for the little guys.

The gift hampers are specially designed, unique sets of clothes, toys and extras. They're full of useful things for babies like high quality 100% cotton clothes, toys and even some chocolates. Each hamper is different. Each has its own special things. All of the gift hampers are designed to give baby beautiful things and fun as well.

You'll appreciate how useful the baby gift hampers are when you see the range of clothing. There are all the little very useful things and some nice dress up clothes as well. You'll find baby playsuits, singlets, beanies, socks, and a host of all the nice clothes that babies never seem to have enough of when they need them. The toys in our gift hampers are beautiful and fun. 

We've even got something for parents! The beautiful Sparkling Giftset Malibu and Sparkling Giftset Berry gift hampers have a lot of good things for parents and baby, including a bottle of sparkling wine and truly delicious Chocolatier chocolates. This gift hamper includes special ensemble of gorgeous matching baby clothes. When you want to give something really special that baby will love, our gift hampers really do have it all!

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